We share with hope that these titles provide mirrors into the political, social, and  personal realities of the intersection of Black lives with the notions of power, gender, race, faith, and love.

Reconstruction and Pod Save the People have come together to create 'The Blackest Book Club' reading list as a meaningful celebration of Black History Month.

Featuring a curated collection of stories, poems, and essays from classic and contemporary leaders of Black thought and literature, we share this list with you so that their genius will continue to create understanding and connection among us.

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What's in the book list?

Reconstruction, Pod Save the People and Campaign Zero came together to answer these questions and we think they are a great way for you to talk with your kids, families, and friends.

  • Which book do you wish you had read as a child?
  • Which book do you think every Black person should read?
  • What's the book you pick up and read when you need to restore your passion, strength or belief?
  • Which book has most shaped your identity as a Black person?

Celebrate Black Genius 365

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* This survey to download the book list may only be submitted by persons age 14 and older.